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Adolescent Therapy


I have years of experience working with adolescents, including those who have severe emotional and behavioral challenges.  I also work with children who are struggling to navigate significant changes in their lives, such as transitioning to a different family structure, adjusting to adoption, or navigating a parental divorce.  One of my specialties is working with adolescents who are transitioning into adulthood & are trying to find their grounding & identity in the wider world.  I relish helping adolescents open up to their potential and grow in self-worth & confidence.    


When working with adolescents, I use art projects, breathing techniques or body movement (including yoga poses) when appropriate.  I often teach anger management skills & social skills.  


Young people tell me they feel safe, supported, understood and cared for in our sessions.  At the same time, parents have reported significant shifts in their children’s behaviors and attitudes.  

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