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Testimonials About Learning with Liz


"I consistently left class feeling refreshed and relaxed. Meditating does NOT come easily to me, but after learning these techniques and committing to this weekly practice I felt like a weight was lifted and my perspective on myself and the world around me significantly improved."


"This was such a rich experience. Every week I looked forward to the training to hear what Liz had to offer about meditation. She is so warm and personable and knowledgeable about the topic. This was one of the best forms of self-care I have done in a while. So much gratitude."


"Liz expanded my knowledge of mindfulness, my vision for the role it could play in my life long-term while giving me a taste for the immediate benefits it offers. The series changed me from a person who dabbled mindfulness once in a while into a person with a daily practice. I've already noticed improvements in my ability to be present when I'm with my kids and to control impact of my stressful job."

Workshops & Classes

Fists in Solidarity

Corporate Wellness

Workshops & Retreats

In this post-Covid world, many businesses want to meaningfully support their employees' wellness and well-being, while also helping them be engaged and productive workers.  This can be a tall order in the midst of increasing demands from stakeholders and heavy workloads! 

Elizabeth Wilder Young partners with business leaders to collaboratively create workshop content that is responsive to the particular needs of your work environment.  Elizabeth can help your team identify values, improve communication, and learn strategies for decreasing burnout.  She can teach employees about nervous system activation & stress management, can help employees harness the power of mindset, and can teach mindfulness, self-compassion, and self-care for well-being.

Want to learn more?  Please get in touch!  

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