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Meditation & Mindfulness


I began practicing meditation and other mindfulness practices while in graduate school (from 2006 to 2008), and I have been deeply impacted by these powerful & ancient techniques.  I have been practicing yoga since 2001, and I believe strongly in the power of conscious movement, breath work (pranayama), and an attuned awareness of the connection between body and mind.  


Happily, we are in a moment of heightened awareness of and interest in mindfulness & meditation, but many people who want to explore these practices do not know where to begin.  While I am always still on my own journey of exploration in these practices, I am honored to offer what I have been taught so far along the way.  

I am a certified Mindfulness Mediation Teacher, having completed an intensive two-year-long training program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, through their Awareness Training Institute.  I am honored to have been part of the inaugural group of 300+ students from 17 different countries who gathered in California for three intensive in-person training retreats in 2017, followed by two years of mentoring, online learning, small group work, practicum, and a closing retreat in 2019.  I am also honored to be on the faculty of the Atlanta Mindfulness Institute and a member of the teaching circle of the Atlanta Insight Meditation Community.  Together with my dear friend and colleague, Jessi Heneghan, I also teach workshops for integrating mindfulness practices into families, through our partnership, Mindful Family Life.  


In addition to my teaching, I offer individualized instruction & exploration of the following practices:


- Sitting meditation

- Walking meditation

- Mindful eating

- Lovingkindness meditation (metta)

- Compassion and self-compassion

- Gratitude practices

- Body scans

- Mindfulness in everyday life


I have sat numerous multi-day silent meditation retreats and have attended many daylong workshops, trainings, and retreats on these topics.  I have taught meditation in both individual and group settings.

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