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Psychotherapy for Adults


It is my great joy & honor to accompany adults on their path of healing, exploration, and personal growth.  With all clients, I start where they are, listen deeply to their needs & hopes, and then set out together with them to courageously face the challenges before them.  I believe in the power of allowing ourselves to truly experience our emotions, opening up to those emotions so that we can release & move through them.  I feel strongly that healing can occur in the context of a genuinely caring & supportive therapeutic relationship.  I have the utmost respect for my client relationships & the trust clients put in me.  


Sometimes I work with people to solve specific, time-sensitive problems, and I use solutions-focused strategies and techniques to help them develop plans of action.  Sometimes I help people manage particular symptoms that are causing distress, teaching skills for coping.  Sometimes I offer strategies and practices for stress reduction. Sometimes I help people really dig into their histories and their deeper wounds, diving in together to a longer term healing and self-care process. When needed, I  refer people to participate in other activities, groups, or communities to get their needs met – whether this means going to yoga, seeing a doctor, meeting with a nutritionist, or joining a spiritual community.  Always, I work from each individual’s unique context & attend to his or her emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to witness the growth and transformation that can arise within the context of a safe, supportive, & non-judgmental therapeutic relationship.  Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with me.

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