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Mindful Family Life

My colleague, Jessi Heneghan, and I team up to teach retreats and workshops to parents and their children about how to bring mindfulness into our homes.  Please visit us at Mindful Family Life for a complete list of our offerings for families, children, and youth.  

Jessi & I know firsthand how hard it can be to maintain a sense of peace and calm in our families and homes. Yet we commit ourselves day after day to bring more compassion, kindness, and understanding to our family relationships, and we would like to support you in your journey to do the same. We know that mindfulness practices shared within a family strengthen connections, improve communication, and promote more harmonious family living. Mindfulness also allows us to be truly present for the inevitable challenges that arise in our families and to approach them with compassion and wisdom. Join us on the journey, and come home to mindfulness.


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